Why Donate to FIRE

Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency

FIRE is committed to keeping administrative expenses as low as possible. In 2015, 94% of all income went directly to program expenses. FIRE’s extensive accounting procedures in Mongolia and the United States ensure that every penny is accounted for and tracked. Despite complicated accounts in multiple countries and currencies, FIRE closely follows the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements as well as responsible international audit procedures.


As a registered 501c.3 in the United States, FIRE is required to make its financial accounts available to anyone. FIRE’s annual IRS 990 tax reporting form has been led appropriately and on-time since its inception. All of FIRE’s 990 forms and annual reports are available on its website. As a registered NGO branch of office in Mongolia, FIRE has additional requirements it must follow for proper accounting and reporting according to Mongolian law.


All of these factors ensure that FIRE makes the most of every donated dollar, maximizing your support through efficient and responsible fiscal management.


Excellent Reputation and Management

As a United States based non-profit, non-government organization working in Mongolia since 1999, FIRE has developed a reputation for reliability, efficiency and excellent communication. FIRE maintains a high standard of oversight, integrity and transparency, setting it apart from many other organizations.



At each stage of every program, FIRE communications with stakeholders, private companies and government organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Mongolian Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) to work together to ensure there is no contradiction between programs. All of FIRE’s medical programs are in collaboration with MoHS under a Memorandum of Understanding initially signed in 2009.


FIRE’s dedicated staff and advisors bring decades of collective experience with health and non-profit, non-government programs to Mongolia, providing invaluable expertise for program development, implementation and evaluation, and creation of curricula and training materials.


Longevity in Mongolia

Since 1999, FIRE has developed many long-term relationships with people and agencies within private and non-pro t sectors of government.These relationships provide resources and support at every level from rural clinics to members of parliament. FIRE’s permanent office in Ulaanbaatar since 2009 has also given it a consistent presence in the health sector and the Ministry of Health and Sports.


This experience has allowed FIRE to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Mongolian politics and culture. FIRE’s exception understanding of logistics in both the urban and rural environments across Mongolia create optimal fiscal efficiency and time management, maximizing every invested dollar.


Focus on Empowerment

FIRE’s focus to support the local infrastructure and administration of the public sector creates a long-term and sustainable impact. By focusing on state run facilities and employees, we are improving the quality of care for the greatest numbers of Mongolians. By teaching, we empower individuals and communities with the knowledge to continue the work after FIRE’s project is completed.


Act Now

Through your financial support, health care workers receive lifesaving vaccinations for hepatitis B and life-changing public health education. 85% of every dollar you donate helps prevent hepatitis and cancer from claiming another Mongolian life. People like you are making amazing things possible in Mongolia.


FIRE is a registered 501c.3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.