Ed Fund

On February 25, 2016, Ed George unexpectedly passed away after his daily bike ride. Ed inspired people around the world from mountaintop to canyon bottom. This Fund grew out of Ed’s collaborations that were underway at the time of his death.



To preserve and sustain Ed George’s voice and vision through film and photography, powered by passion, generosity, collaboration, and adventure.



The Ed Fund strives to keep Ed George’s endless enthusiasm, boundless energy, infinite passion and uncontained optimism alive through environmentally and culturally based visual ed planeprojects. Honoring the values Ed exemplified every day, the community of the Ed Fund will collaborate – joining voices across the world – and continue to push boundaries and explore our individual identities and global connectedness. 



Ed was the greatest of friends to an unimaginable many around the world. He always made time to selflessly give of his time and craft. With the energy and athleticism of a 20-year-old, Ed lived everyday until it over flowed with joy and adventure, exemplifying what matters most in this unpredictable life. Ed was a fixture in Flagstaff for more than four decades. He could regularly be seen downtown, bouncing from point to point in his signature tank top and shorts, stopping by to share tales of his latest adventure and “the greatest” ideas for collaboration.


The Ed Fund will do its best to complete the projects Ed was working on at the time of his death and to start new projects he would have eagerly volunteered for!peregrine1


Donations can be made directly from the FIRE website


FIRE will oversee the Ed Fund general operations. FIRE and Grand Canyon Wildlands Council will both manage creative projects.


Current Projects


FIRE will continue the project in Nepal that was in development
with Ed at the time of his death. We will work with local villagers, volunteer professionals (Ed’s caliber… of course) and our own team to document the reconstruction of Langtang over the next several years. We will also work with local organizations to assist in the archiving process and lead workshops for villagers on craft and voice.


For more information about FIRE’s work with Langtang, Nepal, please visit our webpage. Contact Meredith Potts for more information.


Grand Canyon

North Rim Notes was Ed’s parting gift to the Grand Canyon, it’s community of peoples and willdlife, and the urgent push to designate the Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument to protect all of us from uranium mining industrialization on its rims.


There were at least 4 other Ed ‘Shred’ films underway, not the least of these, Born to Rewild: Trekking the Western Wildway, about John Davis’ epic 5,000-mile conservation journey from Mexico to Canada, and three years already in the making.  Grand Canyon Wildlands Council is working to finish Born to Rewild.


For more information about Grand Canyon Wildways, please visit their website.



Ed George Cinematographer – Website

Ed’s Vimeo Page






FIRE is a registered 501c.3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.