Langtang Volunteer Trip

Join us for our next volunteer service trip to Nepal in May 2018!

As a Langtang Volunteer, you can enjoy breathtaking views, relaxing hikes, rewarding work, a unique culture, and generous hospitality. Through selfless service to others, we can spread the seed of compassion and cooperation. We invite you to join us on our next trip to Nepal!

FIRE-hosted volunteer trips are led by professional Langtang guides. We are offering three travel options. All trips include 7 nights in Langtang and 4 nights in Kathmandu. Dates below note the arrival and departure dates from Kathmandu, Nepal. These dates are the latest dates to arrive and earliest you should plan on leaving. Travel to and from your home country are additional to these dates. Exact trip dates may vary based on the option you choose. Additional sightseeing days are available in Kathmandu and Langtang Valley (see below).

  • Option 1: Trek/Trek:May 2018 (exact dates TBA) $1,800 ($200 deposit)
    • Jeep ride and trek to Langtang and back to Kathmandu
  •  Option 2: Fly/Trek:May 2018 (exact dates TBA) $2,100* ($400 deposit)
    • Jeep ride and trek to Langtang; fly back to Kathmandu by helicopter
  • Option 3: Trek/Fly:May 2018 (exact dates TBA) $2,100* ($400 deposit)
    • Fly by helicopter; trek and jeep ride back to Kathmandu
  • Option 4: Fly/Fly:May 2018 (exact dates TBA) $2,450* ($600 deposit)
    • Fly to Langtang and back to Kathmandu by helicopter

*prices based on minimum of 3 people per flight.

Additional Options:

  • Additional day in Kathmandu without guide – $70 per person per day
  • Additional day in Kathmandu with guide – $120 per person per day
  • Additional day in Kyanjin Gompa – $75 per day (minimum 3 days)



Volunteer Activities

  • Excavating the remains of a nearby village that recently started to resurface as avalanche snow melt. FIRE is working with an archaeology firm, PaleoWest, to recover culturally important item for the future Heritage Musem.
  • Building a year-round greenhouse in Langtang
  • Setting up water pipes and taps as part of the Village Water Project


Payment Due Dates and Expenses

  • A non-refundable deposit holds your spot and is due by March 1, 2018.
  • With your deposit, we require the following documents:
  • Full Payment is due April 1, 2018.
  • If you cancel your trip after paying the deposit, you will be provided with a tax deductible receipt.
  • Prices include all in-country expenses including meals, lodging, permits, Nepal and American guides, porters and transportation.
  • These prices do not include flights to and from Nepal, room upgrades, bottles water, alcohol, extended stays or tips for guides.
  • All rooms are shared room with two people per room. Single room upgrades are available an additional $200 per person.

Our preferred method of payment for deposits and final payments is with a mailed check to: FIRE Projects, PO Box 22187, Flagstaff, AZ 86002, USA.

Additional days in Kathmandu and Kyanjin Gompa are available. Prices include ll transport, guides, entrance fee, and meals. Excludes tips, alcohol, and water.
Please contact or call 928-779-2288 for more information or to sign up for the trip!

The itinerary is planned. Please view past iteneraries from our October 2017 volunteer trip for an idea about the length of time it takes to trek and fly. We plan our itineraries to the best of our knowledge, but please know that there may be unexpected changes. We will do our best to inform you and support you, but please be flexible. We are also providing documents below outlining key information and equipment to ensure you are prepared for your adventure!

Click here to view the:

We are grateful for your support! We hope you will join us!

Background on FIRE’s Work in Langtang

Langtang Valley is still rebuilding from the avalanche triggered by the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. The avalanche buried 116 homes of the village under 100 feet of snow, ice, and rock. 175 Langtangpas were instantly killed, along with 110 foreign trekkers and 30 Nepali guides. 13 children were left without parents. 400 people survived.


FIRE immediately started providing aid, and arrived in-country later that year to assist with food, shelter, clothing, and blankets.FIRE is still working in Langtang on long-term on programs including elder care, green houses, a village water project, a cultural heritage project, and volunteer trips. For more information, please see our Langtang Programs page.

For more information about FIRE’s work in Langtang, please review our Langtang Program page.


FIRE is a registered 501c.3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.