Mongolian Gers (Yurts)

Mongolian Gers

Own a unique and beautiful piece of nomadic heritage with our Mongolian gers!

What is a ger?

The traditional Mongolian ger is a handmade, felt-covered, wooden frame structure used by nomadic cultures in Mongolia and other parts of Central Asia. The ger is known as a “yurt” in Turkic languages. View our Flickr album by hovering the image to the right!


**We hope to place an order in the next month! We are extending our ger order and payment deadline to November 15, 2017!**

The Mongolian ger has two key components: the wooden frame and the felt cover.  A ger tent has 4 to 12 felt walls, depending on its size.

These ger tents consist of:

  • Durable synthetic felt covering
  • 30 or more roof poles
  • Wood lattice wall sections
  • Roof crown with smoke hole
  • Wooden door
  • Waterproof canvas cover
  • All ties and ropes


Gers are designed to be easily dismantled and moved on the backs of camels and yaks. Mongolians will move their camp 4-10 times a year! They can be broken down and set back up their entire home in a few hours.


What does one do with a ger?

Gers are excellent for a wide variety of purposes. Use one as your home or set it up as a guest house. Or use it as an inspiring studio, office, meditation room, yoga room, or playroom. It’s up to your lifestyle, needs, and imagination!


What are gers made of?

The door, roof poles, and roof crown are hand-painted with traditional Mongolian design and constructed of renewable larchwood. Our gers come with a synthetic felt lining, which helps with repelling insects and mold. Mongolia is a high, cold, and dry climate, so be cautious with long-term placement in a high-humidity climate.


Are gers durable?

Each ger is a uniquely hand-made cultural artifact. Traditional Mongolia gers differ from the more modern Western yurts.


Our Mongolian gers do not have windows and the roof slopes lower at the interior walls (you cannot fully stand at the edges of the walls). The source of light is the open door and the roof crown (you can finish the roof crown with glass or plastic for a more permanent setup).


However, its stout frame is extremely sturdy with its center roof crown supports. These gers are made for the a harsh climate and can withstand wind, temporary snowpack (remove snowpack daily), and stays incredible warm inside–you can even install a wood-burning stove inside with the pipe exiting the roof crown.


What kind of gers are available?

We offer a variety of sizes ranging from 10 feet in diameter to 23 feet in diameter.  All dimensions are approximate. Because each ger is handmade, size will vary a bit.


How much does this artifact cost?

All gers are presold. We must sell at least 6 total in order to ship a container from Mongolia. If we sell a total of 10 gers or more, there will be a price break. See our pricing table below. You can order just one, as long as we sell at least 5 more. So tell your friends!


When will I receive my ger?

Ger prices include shipping directly to Flagstaff or an equivalent single location.

FIRE will be responsible for delivery to only one location. Arrangements and additional costs will be necessary for gers shipped to a different final destination than the primary delivery point or to a single destination not equivalent to Flagstaff.


Once we have a minimum of 6, it takes approximately 2-3 months for hand-made production and shipping by sea.


How can I place my order?

Please call us at 928-779-2288 or send us an email at to learn more about owning your very own unique piece of nomadic heritage! Please visit our website for more photos and a video of how to set up a ger. We look forward to speaking with you!



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