Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Screening and Testing

In July 2014, FIRE, along with Mongolian officials and health care workers, organized hepatitis and cancer screening and testing for members of the community. During this event, several people were diagnosed with hepatitis B, hepatitis C, liver cancer, or other forms of cancer. As a result of the screening and testing:


  • 1,181 people were tested for hepatitis B and C
  • 841 ultrasounds were performed
  • 404 people had consultations with a hepatologist
  • 236 people had consultations with an oncologist
  • 124 people (10.5%) tested positive for hepatitis B
  • 226 people (19.1%) tested positive for hepatitis C
  • 9 people were diagnosed with liver cancer
  • 8 people were diagnosed with additional forms of cancer


The Word Hepatitis Day screening and testing event gave 367 newly diagnosed people the knowledge to effectively manage their conditions.


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