Donate On-Line

Yellow ToyFIRE’s low overhead expenses help make the most of your donation. Only 6% of FIRE’s donations are used for administrative cost.  94% of your funds will go directly to support Mongolia.


Learn more about our Financial Information, by reading the “Why Donate to FIRE” page and by reading our Guidestar Profile.

We are grateful to accept donations online, in person, by mail, and in-kind.

We are currently updating our donation process. Please send us an email or add a note to your online donation to specify the use of your contribution.

Please tell us if you’d like to donate to one of FIRE’s specific projects:

  • I want my donation to support Mongolia
  • I want my donation to support Langtang, Nepal
  • I want my donation to support the Ed Fund
  • My donation is unspecified. Please use it where it is needed most!


Consider the difference your support can make in the lives of others, your donation could:  


  • $50 – Friend
    • (Naiz) – Provide hepatitis B testing for 4 Mongolians.
    • (Sathi) – Provide food for a family of 4 for 7-10 days in Nepal.
  • $100 – Supporter
    • (Demjigch) – Provide a three month supply of sharps containers (biohazard boxes for sharp medical waste) for one rural clinic in Mongolia.
    • (Sakouna) – Provide one new stove, propane tank and enough propane to last one month in Nepal.
    • $250 – Donor
      (Handivlagch) – Provide one orthopedic implant to repair a broken leg and prevent permanent disability in Mongolia.
    • (Data) – Provide two beds and 5 warm blankets in Nepal.
  • $500 – Patron
    • (Iveen Tetgegch) – Provide one year of sharps containers for one rural clinic in Mongolia.
    • (Sarchak) – Provide 3 months rent for a family of 8-12 in Nepal.
  • $1,000 – Benefactor
    • (Buyanii Uilsten) – Provide life saving Hepatitis B vaccination for 80 Mongolians.
    • (Oupakarak) – Fix 4 broken legs in Nepal.


If you feel more comfortable sending a donation via mail, you can send it to us at:  

    PO Box 22187
    Flagstaff, AZ 86002

If you would like to discuss other donation methods such as secure wire transfer or in-kind donations, please contact us at

We are grateful for your support!


FIRE is a registered 501c.3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.